Create-A-Caption: Logan’s Run

Based on the book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton, Logan’s Run is a sensational and oh-so-’70s sci-fi adventure starring Michael York as Logan 5, a young man living in an idyllic 23rd century society where people only live to the age of 30. Tasked with chasing those who avoid the process of renewal in the elaborate “Carrousel” renewal, Logan and his fellow “Sandman” Francis 7 (Richard Jordan) live worry-free lives. But when Logan is tasked with learning the truth about a safe haven for those who attempt to escape Carrousel called Sanctuary, he finds his own life clock flashing red indicating that his renewal is imminent, and he must go on the the run himself.

It all sounds complex, but in reality, the film is a wildly enjoyable — if somewhat cheesy — adventure that has some worthwhile things to say about the price of instant gratifcation and the way the elderly are treated by society. For this latest Create-A-Caption we are having a bit of fun with the film, specifically some of its shooting locations. We’ve left our comment below, and we ask you to do the same in the comments!

Hey Logan, have you noticed that the future looks EXACTLY like a 1970s shopping mall?