Open Thread: What’s the Best Sitcom Ever?

Since we were talking about sitcoms earlier today, we thought we’d get your opinion on what the best situation comedy in television history is. I Love Lucy? The Honeymooners? Good Times? Taxi? Cheers? Friends? There are literally hundreds of shows to choose from!

Sitcoms become beloved not just because of their premise, but because of great casting, loving characters, and great writing. It’s not easy to craft a classic like The Mary Tyler Moore Show or The Jeffersons. But sometimes the stars align, and television alchemy is perfected — resulting in series that stand the test of time.

So for this open thread we want you to tell us what you think the best situation comedy ever made is and why. Because you are stating your opinion, there are no wrong answers here. We just want to hear about how these TV comedies have touched your life, just as they have shaped our culture.