Share Your Thoughts on All Things Neil Simon Here!

We continue to mourn the loss of celebrated playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon, who died yesterday at the age of 91. We asked you yesterday to let us know what your favorite film written by Simon was, but we wanted to create this special Open Thread as a forum for you to share your thoughts on the numerous works he gave the world. Here are some discussion points:

• What was your first introduction to the work of Neil Simon?

• Why do you think his work continues to resonate with audiences?

• Which do you prefer: The movie or television version(s) of The Odd Couple?

• Speaking of The Odd Couple, do you consider yourself to be a Felix or an Oscar?

• Which actor who repeatedly worked with Simon was your favorite and why?

• Is there a Neil Simon work you felt disappointed by? If so, which one and why?

• Do you feel it is fair to compare his work for the stage to the screen? (Simon was, after all, an artist whose work could easily translate from Broadway to the movie palaces).

We want to hear your thoughts on anything and everything involving Neil Simon, so please use the comments below to share your opinions on his life and work. Or just share your favorite Simon-related memories!