Tell Us About Your Favorite Science Fiction Franchise!

For the past two months, our Summer of Sci-Fi posts have examined the latest and greatest in science fiction television and motion pictures. It’s been a lot of fun showcasing some of our favorites and that of our guest writers, but with precious little time remaining before this season is just a memory, we want to check in with you once more to find out which sci-fi film franchise is your favorite. We are almost certain that Star Wars will get the most attention here, although we are fairly confident that other A-list entries like Planet of the Apes, Alien, and Star Trek.

We are also interested in hearing your thoughts on the following:

• Which sci-fi franchise do you think has aged the best? The worst?

• What series of science fiction films do you think went from being great to being mediocre? (Yes, we may be thinking specifically about The Terminator here, but this about your thoughts, not ours).

• What sci-fi series is the most overrated? The most underrated?

• In specific franchises, sometimes there are great entries and others that are, well, not so much. But is there a franchise that you think has been consistent all the way through? If so, what is it?

• If you could reboot one science fiction franchise, what would it be? How would you do it?

• Is there a beloved franchise that you despise. If so, here’s your opportunity to tell us why.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say about all of this. Until then, we hope you continue to enjoy this Summer of Sci-Fi!