Rule the Universe with These Thanos “Avengers: Infinity War” Products

Once again, Avengers: Infinity War is dominating the global box office. So just as we did last week, we will be dedicating this week’s Sunday Funday post to the film…specifically it’s mad titan, Thanos. As portrayed by a CGI-enhanced Josh Brolin, Thanos is the most intimidating villain that the heroes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come up against. His cold logic — he wants to eliminate half of an over-populated universe in order to ensure that their will be enough resources for the survivors — has gathered him some fans who reluctantly see the wisdom in his callous plans. (Then there are those who feel that Thanos is, well, hot, but that’s best left not exploring here).

The point is that right now, many people are captivated by Thanos. If you are among their number, you’ll probably enjoy the following items that celebrate the big purple maniac:

Funko POP! collectible figure

Funko POP! keychain

Funko Dorbz figure

Thanos PVC Statue (seen above)

Thanos Rising Avengers: Infinity War game

Thanos ceramic mug

Thanos PVC bust bank

Thanos Wins graphic novel

Thanos head PVC bank

All of these Thanos items won’t bring balance to the universe, but they sure will bring a smile to your face.

Sunday Funday is a weekly feature showcasing the best in contemporary and classic movie/TV/pop culture-based toys and collectibles.