It’s Alien Day, So Share Your Thoughts On the Sci-Fi Franchise with Us


Today marks that chest-burstingist of all Internet holidays, Alien Day! This celebration of 20th Century Fox’s landmark 1979 sci-fi/horror classic Alien and its various sequels/prequels/spin-offs. (The event takes its date from LV426, which also happens to be the classification for Hadley’s Hope, the doomed terraformed colony in Aliens). There’s no better way to commemorate the day then by watching one of these films (the original or James Cameron‘s action-packed follow-up Aliens are my personal favorite). But if you are at work or otherwise unavailable to sit down right now to watch one of these contemporary classics, you can do the next best thing by checking out the Alien-themed articles from the MovieFanFare articles that we’ll be reprinting throughout the day.

We also would like to know your thoughts on all things Alien. What do you think of the franchise as a whole? What is your favorite installment? Your least favorite? What characters do you most relate with? When did you first see Alien and what are your memories of that experience. Share your thoughts on anything and everything Alien-related in the comments below.

All of today’s posts come from the MovieFanFare archives and are being reprinted to celebrate Alien Day!