“Les Girls” Makes Its Eagerly Awaited Blu-ray Debut Next Month

“From their hats to their hose,
From the tips of their toes up to their curls.
I simply adore,
And ev’ry day more,
Les Girls!”

George Cukor directed the lively musical comedy Les Girls (which, as the film’s movie poster reminds us, rhymes with “playgirls”). First hitting theaters in the fall of 1957, the film follows British noblewoman Sybil Wren (Kay Kendall) as she deals with the aftermath of publishing a tell-all about her showgirl days touring with womanizing cabaret impresario Barry Nichols (Gene Kelly) — a move that got her sued for libel by furious ex-cohort Angele Ducros (Taina Elg). The “Rashomon”-like court proceedings as the ladies and their old boss testify head to a hilarious climax in this comic charmer. Mitzi Gaynor, Henry Daniell, Patrick Macnee co-star.

The film was a financial loss for MGM during its original theatrical run, but it has gone on to be considered an underrated musical romp over the years thanks in part to the incredible score from the legendary Cole Porter. (The film’s songs include “Flower Song,” “Ladies in Waiting,” “Les Girls,” and more toe-tappers). The film also was nominated for three Academy Awards, winning an Oscar for Best Costume Design, and it also won several Golden Globes, further illustrating that while the film wasn’t hugely profitable it was a critical darling. When Les Girls hits Blu-ray via the Warner Archive collection on April 17th, the film will look and sound better than ever before.

J’les trou-ve suprêm-es!