Lucy and Desi Encounter Infinite Laughs and “Too Many Girls”

In the 1940 musical comedy Too Many Girls, carefree college freshman Connie Casey (Lucille Ball) didn’t have the complete trust of her wealthy dad, so he put four of the campus jocks (Desi Arnaz, Richard Carlson, Eddie Bracken, Hal LeRoy) on his payroll to keep an eye on her. Delightful screen take on the Rodgers-Hart musical also stars Ann Miller, Frances Langford; songs include “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was,” “You’re Nearer,” “’Cause We Got Cake.”

The film, which was recently released on DVD as part of the Warner Archive Collection, is legendary due to the fact that it was on this project that Lucy and Desi first fell in love — paving the way for their future film collaborations as well as a little TV show called I Love Lucy. And the rest is Hollywood history!