“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Swings to DVD and Blu-ray

This week’s amazing, spectacular, sensational new releases begin with the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universal, but they don’t end there! We’ve also got comedy hits, TV classics, fun cult flicks and much more. Check out just some of the movies that are swinging to DVD and Blu-ray this week!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

After a stunning introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, the wall-crawling hero takes center stage in this spectacular solo outing. While struggling with life as a teenager, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) takes on Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton), a former salvage company owner who uses scavenged alien tech to construct a powerful winged suit as he turns to a life of crime. With Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, and Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man.

Batman vs. Two-Face

In this second animated feature stylized in the manner of the ‘60s “Batman” TV series, Batman (voiced by Adam West, in his final performance) and Robin (Burt Ward) face their biggest challenge when a disfiguring accident transforms upstanding D.A. Harvey Dent (William Shatner) into the duality-fixated felon Two-Face! Can they contain and cure him before he doubles down on disaster for Gotham? Also featuring the voices of Steven Weber, Thomas Lennon, and Julie Newmar as Catwoman.


Set in 1995, this smart and quirky comedy chronicles the many ups and downs of the Manhattan-based Jacobs family. As eldest daughter Dana (Jenny Slate) grows bored of her fiancé (Jay Duplass) and has an affair with an ex-boyfriend (Finn Wittrock), her rebellious teenaged sister Ali (Abby Quinn) experiments with sex and drugs, and discovers evidence that their father (John Turturro) may be cheating on their mother (Edie Falco). Amy Carlson, Ali Ahn co-star.

Green Acres: The Complete Series

Green Acres is the place to be for lawyer Oliver Douglas (Eddie Albert), while New York is where his Hungarian socialite wife Lisa (Eva Gabor) would rather stay, in this rural 1965-1971 CBS hit from “The Beverly Hillbillies” creator Paul Henning and Jay Sommers. Pat Buttram, Tom Lester, Alvy Moore, Frank Cady, Hank Patterson, Sid Melton, Mary Grace Canfield, and Arnold the Pig filled out the wonderful supporting cast. All 170 episodes are featured in this 24-disc set.

Rhoda: The Final Season

At last! The final season of Rhoda, the hilarious and award-winning spin-off to the classic The Mary Tyler Moore Show, arrives on DVD! Starring Valerie Harper as the charming and cheeky New Yorker Rhoda Morgenstern, Rhoda’s final thirteen episodes are a baker’s dozen of comedic tales that the series’ many fans will love. With balmy sister Brenda (Julie Kavner from The Simpsons) and irrepressible mom Ida (Nancy Walker) by her side, Rhoda is back for one last bite of the Big Apple!


In the late 1860s, U.S. marshal James McCord (Nathan Parson) rode out on the news from his minister brother Thomas (Jackson Rathbone) how his town was suffering under the thumb of corrupt mayor Pierce (Stephen Lang). He arrived to find Thomas murdered…and Pierce amassing an embittered militia prepared to re-ignite the Civil War. Compelling sagebrusher co-stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Ellen Holman, Lesley-Anne Down, Robert Carradine.

Rolling Vengeance

When his family killed and his girlfriend (Lisa Howard) is raped by members of the prominent and powerful Doyle clan, small town trucker Joey Rosso (Don Michael Paul) has only one thing on his mind…revenge! Joey builds a menacing monster truck–complete with flame thrower and giant drill–and sets out to take down the Doyles for good. Exciting exploitation actioner from Canada also stars Ned Beatty, Todd Duckworth, Lawrence Dane.

The Three Stooges: Big Box of Nyuks

This is, without a doubt, the biggest, craziest, slap-stickiest collection of Stooge ‘toons, shorts, docs and feature films that has ever been made available together in one colossal DVD collection! Includes The Three Stooges: 6 Movie Collection, The Three Stooges: The Complete Animated Series, The Three Stooges: Hey Moe, Hey Dad!, and The Three Stooges – Rare Treasures From The Vault.

Which of these will you be checking out this week? How about all of them!