Sunday Funday: Funko’s “It” Pop! Offers Up the Cutest Killer Clown Toy Ever

With a new film version of Stephen King‘s It hitting theaters this week, we thought that this Sunday Funday post should focus on that most terrifying of all clowns, Pennywise. Yes friends, the most nightmare inducing harlequin in film history has been transformed into a 3 3/4-inch vinyl figure from the collectibles experts at Funko. We must admit, seeing Pennywise’s razor-sharp teeth, disconcerting yellow jumpsuit and generally in need of a fashion makeover aesthetic rendered like this, we find him more huggable than scary. But maybe that’s just what he wants…to lure you in with a false sense of security before his evil intentions are fully revealed. Diabolical really.

Still though, we are absolutely going to get one for our shelves, because JUST WOOK AT DA WIDDLE GUY! And no, we haven’t put him in the tub yet to see if he floats too…

Funko’s “It” Pop! is now available at our website.

Sunday Funday is a weekly feature showcasing the best in contemporary and classic movie/TV/pop culture-based toys and collectibles.