Open Thread: What Entertainer’s Death Hit You the Hardest?

Earlier this week, we commemorated the 40th anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. His death shook so many so hard because it was, and still is, unthinkable that someone who provided joy to so many over the decades could be gone in the blink of an eye. Because entertainment is so deeply embedded in our culture, we often think of performers as more than just merely celebrities, but a welcome presence in our lives. So when they leave us, it often stings hard and we sometimes mourn them as if they were our own flesh and blood. Be it figures who were taken from us due to dark circumstances like James Dean, John Lennon or Phil Hartman (to name but a few), or those whose deaths were surrounded by heartbreaking tragedy — Debbie Reynolds‘┬ápassing on the heels of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, comes to mind — it is never easy to say goodbye to someone whose work left such an indelible mark on our world. For this weekend’s Open Thread we want you to share with us your stories of famous people from the entertainment industry whose deaths truly made you grieve. Maybe it was Michael Jackson‘s untimely demise or another icon’s shuffling off of┬áthis mortal coil, we ask you to share your thoughts on this sensitive matter with us. So consider the comments to be a place to reflect upon those stars who may be gone but whose impact continues to resonate throughout your daily life. We hope you’ll remember, share, and pay tribute to the celebs who gave us all so much.