Celebrating Christmas In July With Classic Holiday Films

Part of why Christmas in July celebrations are thought of so fondly this time of year is that they bring a bit of holiday magic into our lives months ahead of time. Additionally, when the temperatures are peaking and each day’s forecast is dominated by the dreaded three H’s — hazy, hot and humid — there is a great deal of comfort that comes from remembering that cooler days are ahead. Especially the ones in late December that are punctuated by giving and receiving presents! Lately, we’ve found ourselves watching Christmas movies along side of more traditional fare. But we’ve also managed to meld both cinematic worlds by watching some Christmas movies that were originally released during the summer. (You’d be amazed at how great Die Hard pairs with Gremlins).

To those out there in our reading audience, we would like to know: What are your favorite Christmas in July movies to watch, and why. Remember, there are no wrong answers here. Just reflections upon movies that bring the holiday spirit a bit closer when Decemnber feels impossibly far away.