Share Your Drive-In Movie Memories With Us!

There’s nothing quite like a drive-in movie. Once a staple of American life, the drive-in theater no longer possesses the cultural cachet that it once did. Which isn’t to say that its days are gone for good. Over the years, the end of this aspect of moviegoing has been used as a metaphor for vanishing youth on TV shows as diverse as The Facts of Life, Cheers, and, most recently, Riverdale. But, despite what you may have heard or believe, there are still many drive-ins across the United States that are not only surviving, but thriving. (Check out this interactive map of every operating drive-in that Mental Floss recently put together). But before you hop in your car to see a flick, we have a favor to ask. In the comments below, we want you to share your drive-in movie memories. From what theaters you went to, to what movies you saw, whether or not you hid people in your trunk to avoid paying, the snacks you remember, and so on, we want to hear anything and everything related to your drive-in movie experiences. This will be a nostalgic trip worth taking, and one that we can’t to hear your recollections about!