Fantastic DVD and Blu-ray New Releases And Where To Find Them

Where to find this week’s fantastic new DVD and Blu-ray releases? Why right here of course! Among the offerings now available include a return to J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, the latest Martin Scorsese drama, an absorbing autobiographical tale featuring Natalie Portman, an engaging Bryan Cranston/James Franco comedy, and more. Take a look at what films are now available!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Explore a new era of the Wizarding World before Harry Potter. Something mysterious is leaving a path of destruction in the streets of 1926 New York, threatening to expose the wizarding community. Newt Scamander arrives in the city nearing the end of a global excursion to research and rescue magical creatures. When unsuspecting No-Maj Jacob Kowalski inadvertently let’s some of Newt’s beasts loose, a band of unlikely heroes must recover the missing beasts before they come to harm, but their mission puts them on a collision course with Dark forces. Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Folger, and Colin Farrell star. And visit our Facebook page for your chance to win a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them prize pack.


Martin Scorsese’s Silence tells the story of two Christian missionaries (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) – at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden.

A Tale of Love and Darkness

Natalie Portman made her feature directorial debut with and stars in this moving drama, based on the autobiographical novel by famed Israeli author Amos Oz. The film chronicles Amos’ (portrayed by Amir Tessler as a child, and Yonatan Shiray as a teenager) life in Mandatory Palestine in the 1940s, his experiences during his homeland’s civil war, and his relationships with his mother (Portman) and father (Gilad Kahana). Makram Khoury also stars in this joint Israeli/U.S. production.

A Monster Calls

Between the terminal illness of his single mom (Felicity Jones), a looming future with his austere grandmother (Sigourney Weaver), and incessant bullying at school, 13-year-old Conor (Lewis MacDougall) was out of places to turn. That would change when he started receiving uncanny nighttime visits from a fearsome tree-like behemoth (voiced by Liam Neeson)–who’d give him the insight and courage to face his challenges. Moving take on the Patrick Ness/Siobhan Dowd kidlit fantasy co-stars Toby Kebbell, Geraldine Chaplin.

Patriots Day

Fact and fiction combine in this gripping drama partially based on the book “Boston Strong: A City’s Triumph Over Tragedy,” which chronicles the horrific 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Mark Wahlberg (who also co-produced) stars as a veteran Boston police officer who, in the aftermath of the devastating attack, helps injured survivors before joining in the manhunt to catch the terrorist brothers behind the bombing. John Goodman, J.K. Simmons, Michelle Monaghan, and Kevin Bacon also star.

20th Century Women

Dorothea (Annette Bening) is a 55-year-old single mother raising her 15-year-old son Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann) in late-1970s Santa Barbara, California. Fearing Jamie may require more than she alone can offer, she seeks help from Abbie (Greta Gerwig), a photographer and cervical cancer survivor, and Jamie’s childhood friend, Julie (Elle Fanning). The effects the members of this unconventional family have on one another are chronicled in writer/director Mike Mills’ semi-autobiographical seriocomedy. Billy Crudup co-stars.

Why Him?

On the surface, you’d think that devoted dad Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) would have no beef about his Stanford student daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) making a love match with filthy-rich Silicon Valley entrepreneur Laird Mayhew (James Franco). However, the more Ned gets to know his prospective son-in-law–and Laird’s mountain of bizarre personal eccentricities–the more he looks for some means of scuttling the relationship. Fatherly farce co-stars Megan Mullally, Keegan-Michael Key, Cedric the Entertainer, Adam Devine, Kaley Cuoco.


JP (Adrian Grenier) is a successful business owner and family man. His older brother, Mikey (Johnathon Schaech), hasn’t done quite as well for himself. When cash-strapped Mikey’s plan to make some quick money on a coke deal puts him on the wrong side of a flamboyant and deadly crime boss (Nicolas Cage), JP turns to a veteran police detective and family friend (John Cusack) for help as he risks his life to save his brother. Lydia Hull, Heather Johansen, Abbie Gayle co-star in this gritty crime thriller.