Happy 88th Birthday to William Shatner!

Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, is celebrating his 88th birthday today! Easily one of the most consistently fascinating individuals in the history of showbiz, Shatner has done it all — from being a counterculture and sci-fi icon from Star Trek to his roles in shows ranging from T.J. Hooker to The Practice. His musical performances have become the stuff of legend (see above), as is his love for horses and interviewing fellow celebrities for his various documentary and TV projects. Through the ups and downs of over 50 years in Hollywood he has seen and experienced it all, and come through unscathed. To borrow a line from Spock, may he live long and prosper for years to come. Much more than simply a national treasure, William Shatner is beloved across the globe, and we ask you to share your favorite memories of the Shat in the comments below. Whether it be is famous pause-filled delivery of lines, his Priceline ads, his role as Captain Kirk, or whatever other awesome thing you choose to single out, we want to hear the reasons why you love him. What do you love most about him? Let us know!

An earlier version of this post ran in 2017. It has been revised and updated I’m honor of William Shatner’s 88th. Many happy returns, Captain!