It’s Moana Madness In This Week’s DVD/Blu-ray New Releases!

Walt Disney’s latest animated blockbuster takes the spotlight in this week’s DVD and Blu-ray new releases. Here’s a look at what movies are now available for you to enjoy at home!


Centuries ago in Polynesia, Maori chieftain’s daughter Moana Waialiki (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho) was being groomed to assume leadership…but longed for the life of seafaring adventure that her ancestors knew. She’d get her chance, as her island was struck with a curse of blight…and she sailed to locate the cocky demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson) and coax his assistance in reversing the spell. Disney’s colorful, computer-animated South Seas saga also features the voices of Temuera Morrison, Nicole Scherzinger, Jemaine Clement, Rachel House.

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Natalie Portman renders a striking central performance in this remarkable portrait of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, which places its focus upon the immediate aftermath of her husband’s assassination. As a stunned nation grieved–and watched her every move–the new widow had to plumb depths she didn’t know she possessed to maintain her poise, console her children, and fight to preserve the legacy of JFK’s administration. Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup, John Hurt, and John Carroll Lynch also star.


With his uncanny gift to enter the subconscious minds of the demonically possessed, wheelchair-bound psychic Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) is on call with the Vatican to address their most challenging exorcism cases. Tasked with going to New York and aiding a young boy (David Mazouz), Ember discovers that an evil entity with whom he has a personal vendetta is responsible…and may lose his own soul in the struggle to come. Shocker co-stars Carice van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Keir O’Donnell, Matt Nable.

Pocket Listing

Double crosses, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, and revenge ensue when a mysterious power player and his sultry wife hire a disgraced Los Angeles property broker to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa. Intense indie thriller stars James Jurdi, Jessica Clark, Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds.


On the volcanic South Sea isle of Tanna in Vanuatu, life amongst the indigenous Yakel tribe has changed little over the centuries…especially in the nature of the attraction between beautiful young Wawa (Marie Wawa) and chieftain’s son Dain (Mungau Dain). However, when Wawa is promised to a rival tribesman to stave off a conflict, the young lovers face a flight into the Westernized community beyond. Remarkable effort from an Australian crew and amateur native cast co-stars Marceline Rofit, Lingai Kowia.

I Am Michael

The incredible true-life story of Michael Glatze (Franco), a high profile queer youth activist who created a national controversy when he claimed to no longer be gay and became a straight Christian pastor. The film follows Michael from his life in San Francisco with his boyfriend Bennett (Quinto), where he pursues political activism, a journalist career at XY Magazine, to his days of personal self-discovery. After a traumatic scare, Michael is plagued by doubt and paranoia, and begins a religious reawakening. Michael renounces his gay lifestyle, rejects his friends, and endeavors to find his true self. This powerful new film captures one man s haunting journey through modern concepts of love, denial and redemption.