Open Thread: Tell Us About Your Run In With A Celebrity!


We tend to put celebrities on a pedestal, but it’s easy to forget that they are people with the same hopes, dreams, and failings as the rest of us (albeit with a lot more wealth and fame). Sometimes in life you may encounter someone who is famous and they are an absolute delight — exactly how you imagined they would be. For example, my grandfather was a taxi driver who once had Lucille Ball as a passenger. She was warm and hilariously funny, and it was a cherished memory that he kept with him for the remainder of her life. And that’s the most interesting thing about encounters with celebrities, what is just a blip in their everyday life becomes something another person takes with them to their grave. The down side of this goes hand in hand with the old adage that you should never meet your heroes, because if they don’t live up to your lofty (and probably inaccurate) ideas of who they are you are bound to be disappointed. This is doubly true if they are outright rude with you. For this weekend’s Open Thread, we want to hear all about your run ins with celebrities. Give us the good, the bad, the surprising. Spare no detail. How did meeting a celebrity change your life, if at all? And did your encounter alter the way you view stardom and those who possess it?