How “The Exorcist” Changed The World

The Exorcist. The film remains, in my opinion, the most terrifying horror tale ever featured on the silver screen. William Friedkin‘s adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s best-seller about demonic possession and a crisis of faith (among many other things) created a firestorm of controversy when it was released back in 1973, and its legacy continues to this very day — as evidenced by Fox’s recent The Exorcist TV Show. I wanted to provide some additional context into how the film was initially received by audiences, critics, and the world at large by sharing the above YouTube documentary that explores its cultural impact.

Either coincidentally or by the work of Pazuzu himself, as I was typing this post a book mysterious flew off of my shelf and onto the floor. To my knowledge, it was on there steadily and have no idea how or why it would have fallen. Creepy. Anyway, be sure to let us know your thoughts on The Exorcist in the comments. Do you think it holds up? Why is it so unnerving? What scene freaks you out the most? Sound off!

This article originally ran on MovieFanFare in 2018, and we are reprinting it today as part of our ongoing tributes to Max von Sydow.