Looking Back At the “Tron” Dance Craze That Never Was

Back in 1985, Disneyland held a prime time 30th birthday celebration that featured celebrities ranging from John Forsythe to Drew Barrymore. The inarguable highlight of the festivities came when The Pointer Sisters appeared to perform their smash hit “The Neutron Dance” along side an army of Tron characters.

Yeah, I don’t know either.

While this pun-relying performance may be odd, it also is wonderful in terms of its absolute weirdness. Yet it raises so many questions.  Tron dancing? Why? What would Alan Bradley think? Does the Master Control Program know how to Cabbage Patch? Is Sark a master of the Lambada? Check out this insane video madness above. Although don’t try to figure it out, as you might just hurt your brain attempting to do so!

End of line.

We originally ran this post last year, it is being reprinted as part of our ongoing Summer of Sci-Fi series of posts