Eye of the Tiger: Survivor’s ’80s Movie Soundtracks

If there’s one thing missing from contemporary movies, it’s bombastic soundtrack songs. When was the last time you watched a film that featured a ditty that made you want to pump your fists and start some serious aerobics training? It just doesn’t happen anymore. In my opinion, no other band could craft a rocking soundtrack tune better than Survivor. Back in the 1980s, the band’s music was seemingly in every film after “Eye of the Tiger” rocketed them to the top of the charts. So for this Throwback Thursday installment of Movie Music Video, we turn our eyes to the group’s most notable soundtrack contributions. Above you see the clip for their Rocky III megahit. It comes complete with the most laughable self-seriousness this side of Billy Squier’s epic “Rock Me Tonite” and plenty of determined walking. And if there’s one surefire way to master the art of becoming a music video tough guy, it’s finely crafting a walk of determination.

As a bonus, here’s Survivor’s equally awesome (yet not as popular) song from The Karate Kid soundtrack, “The Moment of Truth.” It’s a more low-key rocker that shows a softer side to the band. Or something.

Rounding out this hat trick of amazingness is “Burning Heart,” the group’s entry on the Rocky IV soundtrack. It didn’t come close to recapturing the magic or success of “Eye of the Tiger,” but it sure tried. Check it out.


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