Jennifer Lawrence: Overrated or Underrated?

When she was nominated for her supporting performance in last year’s American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence became the youngest actress to have received three Academy Award nominations. She’s been named one of the 100 most desirable women; Time awarded her a position on their roster of Most Influential People of 2013. She’s wowed us with her figure, charmed us with her stumbles on (or around)¬†the Oscar stage…and yes, some people have¬†thought her “too fat” for movie roles.

Honestly. Look again.

But here, we’re going to let Irv take the measure of her still-blossoming movie career. Is Ms. Lawrence getting too much acclaim for her work…or not enough? Are we just overly smitten by her good looks…or is that bombshell appeal just getting in the way (or in our way, at least) of our appreciating her rich talents as an actress? Irv, step up to the plate:

Your turn now. And if you’re tempted to casually dismiss Lawrence’s career with one of those automatic “None of today’s actresses are anywhere near as good as the stars of bygone days” responses, do us the honor of demonstrating that you’ve seen and thoughtfully compared her performances to those given by the starlets of the old days. In other words, like they used to say in school: Show your work.