What Movie Will Never Be Remade?

We already know that we dislike a great many remakes. It’s hard to top the “original,” but it’s certainly been done…many times. Think The Maltese Falcon can’t be remade? Wait, the one with Bogart that you love IS a remake. (Or, more precisely, the third filming of the Dashiell Hammett novel) Hm. Are there any films though, that will remain truly untouched by the remake machine…if only because no filmmaker would dare tamper with a particular classic? Is there nothing sacred…or is there something sacred? We put the question to Movie Irv:

Think his choice is safe? Remember, we’re not asking you to name movies you feel weren’t topped by their remakes; we’re asking about movies yet to be remade whose reputation might be so singular that no filmmaker would ever dare touch the material again.

Time for you to “remake” our video and supply your own answer below. Good luck—we all know how difficult it is to work with the same material the second time around and come out smelling like roses.