Going, Going…The Latest in Disappearing DVDs

Some things are set in stone; DVDs are set on tissue paper.

What we are alluding to is the fact that DVDs come and go. They are here one minute and, like Keyser Soze—whoosh!—they are gone.

Discontinued, out-of-print, license expired.

It’s a daily occurrence.

Of course, Movies Unlimited has made it our goal to find out what is no longer available, and then stock up on the title. We’ve become the go-to source for out-of-print titles for decades.

The goal of this column is to inform customers about the latest DVD titles that are being taken out of circulation and offer folks one last opportunity to make them part of their collection. If history is any indication, this could be your last chance to get these films.

So here’s a list of some of the titles that collector’s love that are fading quickly into the sunset.

Get ‘em before they fade to black, perhaps for good. 

Broadway Melody of 1936/1938 (1935/1937):  Two all-star musical extravaganzas in one tuneful package! In “1936,” Robert Taylor plays the producer and songwriter of a new musical romantically involved with June Knight, the show’s backer and wannabe star. Jack Benny is the newspaper reporter trying to dig up dirt on them, Eleanor Parker is Taylor’s dancing ex and Buddy Ebsen cuts a fine carpet in support. Meanwhile, “1938” showcases 15-year-old Judy Garland’s screen debut singing “You Made Me Love You” to a photo of Clark Gable and dancing with Buddy Ebsen. The plot involves horse owner Eleanor Powell giving producer Robert Taylor her racing winnings to produce a Broadway show. Sophie Tucker and Robert Benchley are also featured.

Forever Darling (1956): Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s follow-up the hit The Long, Long Trailer spotlights Lucy as a woman who calls on guardian angel James Mason to help her troubled marriage to pesticides expert Desi. Fans of TV’s first couple will have fun with the wacky proceedings and a fine supporting cast that includes Louis Calhern, John Hoyt, Nancy (“Miss Hathaway”) Kulp and Natalie (“Mrs. Howell”) Schafer. 

Hit the Deck (1955): In the tradition of Anchors Aweigh and On the Town comes this tune-filled comedy, in which a trio of sailors on leave join three pretty women for romance and adventure. The high-stepping swabbies are played by Russ Tamblyn, Tony Martin and Vic Damone, while their female interests are represented by Ann Miller, Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds. Songs include “Sometimes I’m Happy” and “Keepin’ Myself for You.” 

Little Caesar (1931): “Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?!” Such was the question asked in this classic gangster saga with Edward G. Robinson as the smalltime hood who strong-arms his way to the top of the crime world with his brutal tough guy tactics. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Glenda Farrell also star in this gem from director Mervyn LeRoy.

The New Centurions (1972): Joseph Wambaugh’s first novel is turned into a riveting film, with Stacy Keach as the rookie cop on the LAPD being mentored by George C. Scott, a veteran policeman who sometimes breaks the rules to make law and order work. Jane Alexander, James B. Sikking and Scott Wilson also star.

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