Law & Order: Criminal Intent vs. Monogram Cowboy Collection

From the Monogram Cowboy Collection, exciting classic Westerns every DVD collector will want to add to their collection. Prefer the sea to the sage brush? Sea Hunt the first two seasons are now available. Check out the complete list below and if you have any question you can give us a call at 1-800-MOVIES!

Law & Order- Criminal Intent- The Ninth Year (2012) Korg- 70,000 B.C.- The Complete Series starring Burgess Meredith, Jim Malinda Hazel- The Complete Fourth Season (1964) starring Shirley Booth, Don DeFore
Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Ninth Year (2010) Korg: 70,000 B.C.: The Complete Series (1974) Hazel: The Complete Fourth Season (1964)


Monogram Cowboy Collection, Vol. 4

Johnny Mack Brown and Raymond Hatton ride to the aid of a mine owner whose ore shipments are being hijacked in “Land Of The Outlaws” (1944). A rancher goes missing after forbidding his daughter’s marriage, and Brown will be exchanging “Blazing Bullets” (1951) to set matters right. Brown goes after the killers who trapped Wells Fargo riders in a “Colorado Ambush” (1951). With his tenants being mysteriously slain, rancher Brown must clear his name, in “Montana Desperado” (1951). Someone’s got inside knowledge on Army gold shipments that get bushwhacked, and Brown must find out who, in “Texas City” (1952). Jimmy Wakely brings in mail robbers, only to be framed as an accomplice, in “Springtime In Texas” (1945). When ranchers get squeezed by a cattle car monopolizer, Wakely has a beef, in “Moon Over Montana” (1946). Wakely must deal with two treacherous wranglers out to foment a range war in “Rainbow Over The Rockies” (1947). Wakely offers a “Six-Gun Serenade” (1947) to rustlers out to drive a lady rancher out of business.

Bat Masterson: Complete Season One (1958)

All 37 episodes from the series’s debut season–including “Double Showdown,” “A Noose Fits Anybody,” “Sharpshooter,” the two-part “The Conspiracy,” and “Buffalo Kill”–are featured in a five-disc set.

Sea Hunt: The Complete Season 1 (1958)

All 39 episodes from the debut season–including “Sixty Feet Below,” “Mark of the Octopus,” “Midget Submarine,” “Dead Man’s Cove,” and “The Manganese Story”–are featured in a five-disc set.

Sea Hunt: The Complete Season 2 (1959)

All 39 episodes from the debut season–including “Sixty Feet Below,” “Mark of the Octopus,” “Midget Submarine,” “Dead Man’s Cove,” and “The Manganese Story”–are featured in a five-disc set.

Gunsmoke: The Seventh Season, Vol. 1 (1961)

The first 17 episodes from season seven–including “Perce,” “Old Yellow Boots,” “Indian Ford,” “Marry Me,” and “Cody’s Code”–are featured in a five-disc set.

Hazel: The Complete Fourth Season (1964)

All 26 episodes from season four–including “Never Trouble Trouble,” “Mind Your Own Business,” “To Build or Not to Build,” “Temper, Temper,” and “The Investor”–are collected in a four-disc set.

Bridget Loves Birney: The Complete Series (1972)

Well-rated, if dogged by controversy, during its single-season run on CBS, this fondly remembered sitcom followed the whirlwind courtship of old-money, Irish Catholic schoolteacher Bridget Fitzgerald (Meredith Baxter) and working-class, Jewish cabbie Bernie Steinberg (David Birney), and the challenges that their interfaith union handed them and their often nonplussed parents (David Doyle, Audra Lindley, Harold J. Stone, Bibi Osterwald).

Korg: 70,000 B.C.: The Complete Series (1974)

Airing Saturday mornings on ABC, this live-action Hanna-Barbera series strove for anthropological accuracy as it depicted the ongoing battle for survival waged by an extended family of Neanderthals dwelling in prehistoric Europe. Jim Malinda, Bill Ewing, Naomi Pollack star; Burgess Meredith narrates.

Chiller: The Complete Television Series (1995)

These shocking journeys into the macabre will startle and terrify you! Produced for British television, each of the five episodes in the series–“Prophecy,” “Toby,” “Here Comes the Mirror Man,” “Number Six,” and “The Man Who Didn’t Believe in Ghosts”–features elements of “The Twilight Zone” and “The X-Files,” providing the aficionado of small-screen shivers hours of frightful viewing. Nigel Havers, Phyllis Logan, Sophie Ward, and Tony Haygarth star.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Ninth Year (2010)

All 16 episodes from season nine–including the two-part opener “Loyalty,” “Love Sick,” “Lost Children of the Blood,” “The Mobster Will See You Now,” and “Three-in-One”–are featured in a four-disc set.

Futurama, Vol. 7 (2012)

All 13 episodes from season seven–including “The Bots and the Bees,” “Decision 3012,” “Zapp Dingbat,” “Viva Mars Vegas,” and “Naturama”–are featured in a two-disc set.

Omnibus: Mr. Lincoln/The Civil War

A highlight of the arts anthology series’s 1952-53 debut season, James Agee’s five-part biodrama “Mr. Lincoln” starred Royal Dano in the title role and followed “Honest Abe’s” early years in Illinois. Joanne Woodward played Lincoln’s fabled first love, Ann Rutledge. Three other Civil War-themed programs–a 1955 excerpt from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” the 1955 historical vignette “The Four Flags Of The Confederacy,” and the stage play “Lee At Gettysburg” (1957)–are featured.