Five Nifty Fifties Flicks from the Columbia Pictures Vaults

The folks at Sony Pictures Home Video Entertainment have been digging into their vast library of films from Columbia Pictures and have released some titles not often seen

Wyoming Renegades (1955) Classic Western Starring Gene Evans The World Was His Jury (1958) Starring Edmond O’Brien The Solid Gold Cadillac (1957) Classic Comedy Movie Starring Judy Holliday The Crooked Web (1955) WWII Film Noir Starring Frank Lovejoy
Wyoming Renegades (1955) The World Was His Jury (1958) The Solid Gold Cadillac (1957) The Crooked Web (1955

In The Solid Gold Cadillac (1957), a quintessential 1950s farce, Judy Holliday turns in a tour-de-force performance in this memorable comedy with satirical barbs hurled at big business and government. She’s a minority shareholder in a huge corporation who takes the crooked board of directors to task over some of its doings and enlists former honcho Paul Douglas to help set things right.

The World Was His Jury (1958): Defense attorney Edmond O’Brien puts his reputation on the line when he defends the ship captain involved in a notorious sea disaster on apparent open-and-shut charges of criminal negligence.

The Crooked Web (1955): Unusual late noir with Frank Lovejoy as a WWII vet roped into going to Germany in search of a Nazi cash stash, but his partners have another agenda.

A jungle guide (Victor Mature) accepts the task of leading a wealthy British eccentric (Ronald Culver) and his fiancee (Janet Leigh) on a Kenyan expedition for a legendary lion. What he really wants to hunt, though, is the Mau Mau rebel who slew his son…and he’s willing to put the whole party in jeopardy for his vengeful agenda in Safari (1956).

Also, Phil Carey straps on his six-guns for a pair of sagebrush opuses: Having done three years’ hard time for his days riding with the Butch Cassidy gang, Phil just wants to go straight in Wyoming Renegades (1955), but his doubtful neighbors start looking for a rope when Butch (Gene Evans) and crew come to town and hold up the bank. In The Nebraskan (1953), Phil takes over in an enjoyable oater bolstered by support from Lee Van Cleef, Dennis Weaver, Jay Silverheels, Wallace Ford, and Regis Toomey.

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