Six Pix: Johnny Depp

Six Pix presents a sextet of movie posters representing a particular actor/director/genre. You pick the one you feel is visually the most artistic or best sums up the film.

Here we highlight the films of Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp: Six Pix: Johnny Depp, MovieFanFare presents six pix of Johnny Depp.

Included are: Edward Scissorhands (1990); Alice In Wonderland (2010); Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End (2007); Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (2007); Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998); and Ed Wood (1994).

I love Johnny’s films and the accompanying posters for them are almost always excellent as well. The garish colors of Alice indeed transport one to a surreal place. The muted palette of Sweeney Todd—with well-placed blood-hued smudges—instill a suitable sense of dread. And the bat-shit craziness of Fear And Loathing definitely coalesces what we would think a Terry Gilliam-Johnny Depp-Hunter Thompson collaboration would look like. Call me sentimental, but Edward Scissorhands takes it. The tender photo of outsider/freak Depp gently holding Ryder in his razor-sharp scissorhands with sky-blue background suggesting normalcy…the film’s story is right there in a single image.

Which one do you think is the winner? Should I have included something else? Tell me about it below! (And please feel free to suggest future topics.)