Which Musician Should Next Become a Movie Star?

We’ve seen a long, if mixed, record of musicians morphing into movie stars. For every David Bowie, there’s a Peter Frampton. Whereas it’s hard to argue Barbra Streisand hasn’t enjoyed success and longevity on the big screen, Madonna’s got her fair share of hits and misses. We won’t get into the merits of the Neil Diamond Jazz Singer here; let’s just blame all that on Lord Olivier.

Prince. Mick Jagger. Tom Waits. Mariah Carey (we’re not talking Glitter, we’re talking Precious). Norah Jones.

Who’s next?  For a while there, it looked like Taylor Swift had the inside track. Not so much now. So: Who should be the next musical artist to score on the big screen? Let’s Ask Movie Irv:

Has Irv made the right discovery?