Nobody Can Play (That Part) Better Than (That Actor)!

Has anyone ever topped the performance Boris Karloff gave as the Frankenstein Monster? Does anybody out there think Steve Martin was as funny playing Inspector Clouseau as the late, great Peter Sellers? Maybe you thought that once the Shat created the character of James T. Kirk onscreen, no one else could do justice to the unique character of the Enterprise captain. (I once thought that, too, but Chris Pine convinced me otherwise)

There are plenty of unforgettable characters played by actors (and actresses) whose shoes were then thought to be too big to fill in sequels or remakes. Irv and his guest have come up with their own list of filmdom’s most daunting iconic roles, with an insightful rundown of how those brave thespians who attempted to avoid the shadows of beloved and brilliant performances past fared for good or ill. See if you agree!