Halloween Classic Horror Movie Mashup

Halloween Classic Horror Movie MashupMovie Fans — as Halloween approaches, we’ve decided to dig into the MovieFanfare Horror Movie archives crypt and dig up a few buried gems we’ve published in the past year or so.

Our first resurrection is a review of the 1963 classic horror movie, Kiss of the Vampire. Find out what happens to Gerald Harcourt and his wife Marianne as they run out of petrol in the midst of a dark Bavarian forest. First question to ask is why would anyone go to Bavaria on their honeymoon when they could have to Transylvania?

Next we let Dr. Strangefilm (Article Archive) out of the lab to perform a full examination of our favorite monster, Godzilla and his 10th film, the 1969 monster movie Godzilla’s Revenge. The good Doctor even manages to draw parallels between Godzilla and James Cagney? Really! Read the article for yourself and see if you agree.

What would the horror movie genre be without our favorite classic horror movie actors Boris Karloff and his contemporary Bela Lugosi? Well, possibly not as scary. If you dare, take a peak at Dr. Strangefilm’s article that looks at the 1945 classic horror film The Body Snatcher, directed by Robert Wise and starring Boris Karloff. Ask yourself “how far can the boundaries of life and death” be pushed? Another Halloween movie treat — Director Robert Wise also directed the horror/sci-fi classic movie The Day The Earth Stood Still.

One of our greatest treasures in the crypt of horror movie content is an article about the 1977 Italian horror movie Suspiria, ranked by Entertainment Weekly as one of the top 25 scariest movies of all time. Tell us —  can any movie be too scary? We think not!


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