A Nightmare on Elm Street Is a Classic

Since the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street was recently released, I decided to review the original Wes Craven version of the film. Well, let’s start off with some of my thoughts on it–this is probably the best 80s horror movie ever.

Oh sure there’s tons of great horror movies from the decade, but to me this one stands out the most. That’s because it has almost everything you can ask for in a fright flick: cute chicks, dumb guys, blood and gore, sick comedic moments and a killer that will forever haunt you no matter what. Freddy Krueger is way better than Jason in so many ways but I’ll get to that comparison someday…

So the movie is about some teenagers having these terrible nighmares involving this horribly burned man wearing a green/red sweater and has these finger blades that seem to cut perfectly. Of course they don’t care much about the dreams until one of them gets killed by Freddy. The reason why he’s killing is for revenge. He was burned to death by the good ol’ people that live on Elm Street back in the day because he was a child murderer.  Now he’s killing their kids and won’t stop either!  So it’s up to our smart and cute heroine Nancy to defeat him.

The whole movie is cheesy, but it’s also lots of fun.  We get a lot of ugly gore shots, the dream scenes are all creepy in some way and funny too (Most people seem to hate the comedic parts of the movie but I enjoy them a lot). Freddy has a sick sense of humor so he’s getting his jollies off killing these kids in strange ways. The characters were all likable, especially Nancy since she’s brave and has traps set up to stop Freddy in the end.

So yeah, A Nightmare on Elm Street is obviously a classic. It’s the coolest horror movie of the 1980s, and if you haven’t watched it then you really should. 9/10.

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