1950s Films

The Time the Academy Lost Its Mind: The Infamous Oscar Snubs of 1953

  The Best Picture award is always given to the best film of the year, right? Not necessarily. Arguments have been made for how better movies were passed over for the one that actually won. I always thought Goodfellas should…

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Fantastic Deals on Golden Age Greats from the 1930s to ’50s

Hooray for Hollywood! It’s an adage that is as true today as it was all those years ago. Can you even imagine what life would be like without the magic of movies? We don’t want to either, and fortunately we…

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“Beau Brummell” Comes Exclusively To Movies Unlimited This March

Originally released by MGM on October 1, 1954, Beau Brummell is a lavish adaptation of Clyde Finch‘s play about the life of the titular English dandy. Stewart Granger stars as Brummell, a style-setting and sardonic soldier of Regency England, whose…

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