Are These The Greatest Commercials Ever Made?

Hollywood Nostradamus (a friend on the outside who alerted me to the existence of this marvelous Steven Seagal program some time ago) pointed me towards these, and since his sentiments about the following exactly mirror my own, I might as well quote him directly.

You all know and love Charles Bronson from such classics as Chato’s Land and The White Buffalo. You all know my affection for the man who used to wear his sister’s clothes to school. But what you are about to see will shake you to the core. Perhaps the greatest collection of video ever presented (aside from the Atene audition tape), these not only hold up to repeated viewing, they utterly demand it. More drama than a Chekhov play, more joy than a Tesh concert, more heart than a Drew Barrymore movie. I give you…MANDOM: