Movie Mash-Ups, Part 2

As I wrote in the first Movie Mash-Ups article, mash-ups are a recent trend where music club DJs take two or more songs and artfully combine them, creating a “new” hit.
Last time I combined the written plot elements from two separate real films to create a wacky—yet somehow plausible—new synopsis.
For this second part (and later in Part IV) I’ll be merging two film posters together to create a new, visually arresting one-sheet you’ll never see hanging in your local theater lobby. Let the strangeness begin…

Bloody Mamma Mia!


• Bloody Mama; Mamma Mia!

Dirty Harry and the Hendersons


• Dirty Harry; Harry and the Hendersons

El Cid and Nancy


• El Cid; The Sid and Nancy

Oliver Twister


• Oliver Twist; Twister

Plan 9 from Office Space


• Plan 9 from Outer Space; Office Space

The Sixth Sense and Sensibility


• The Sixth Sense; Sense and Sensibility

Superbad Lieutenant


• Superbad; Bad Lieutenant

Where the Wild Things Are


• Where the Wild Things Are; Wild Things
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