Adam McKay Discusses the Films of 1987 on “The Movies That Made Me”

For their fifth season finale of The Movies That Made Me, hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante welcome back writer/director Adam McKay (the genius responsible for films ranging from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy to Don’t Look Up). The topic at hand? The films of 1987. Yes, it’s time for another “My Favorite Year” episode, and McKay does not disappoint — not that anyone thought he would. As he discusses a variety of movies released in 1987, that cinematic year that brought us everything from Robocop to Wall Street, Mckay, Olson and Dante get involved in hilarious asides that include a look at Philadelphia’s infamously crass Krass Brothers commercial. It’s a must-listen installment that sends the season out on the highest of high notes, and you can check out all of the titles mentioned within at Movies Unlimited’s Companion Page. And yeah, we can’t wait for season six either!