Mick Garris Is Featured on the New Episode of “The Movies That Made Me”

On the brand new episode of The Movies That Made Me, hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante welcome visionary actor, screenwriter and director Mick Garris. From writing Hocus Pocus to directing the 1994 miniseries of The Stand, Garris has established that he knows a thing or two about telling spooky stories that resonate with an audience. His appearance on The Movies That Made Me takes you behind the scenes of Garris’ incredible mind as he opens up about his favorite year in cinema — 1986 — and how it left a creative impact on him. Mentioning blockbusters and obscurities alike, Garris further proves that his knowledge of movies is beyond impressive. You’ll leave the episode wanting to learn more about the many titles that he name drops, something you’ll be able to do thanks to Movies Unlimited’s Companion Page for the show. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your Halloween season listening!