“The Beatles: Get Back” and More Unmissable New Releases!

From music to mystery, TV to thrillers, the latest batch of new releases has a bit of something for every taste. Join us as we present this look at what incredible titles are hitting physical media this week!

The Beatles: Get Back (2021)

Gaining access to 60 hours of footage shot for the 1970 album making-of documentary “Let It Be,” and utilizing cutting-edge restoration techniques, Peter Jackson delivered an astonishingly comprehensive window into the twilight days of The Beatles. Through three weeks of writing and rehearsal, culminating with their full January 1969 Apple Corps rooftop concert, the creative processes, fissuring tensions, and abiding affection amongst John, Paul, George, and Ringo are revealed as never before.

Endeavour: The Complete Eighth Season (Masterpiece Mystery)(2021)

This compelling prequel series to Britain’s long-running “Inspector Morse” program stars Shaun Evans as the young Endeavour Morse. Set in the mid-’60s, the series finds Detective Constable Morse assigned to Oxford shortly after leaving the university before completing his studies. Morse may be a neophyte officer, but his considerable powers of deduction are already much in evidence…as is his interest in Jaguar cars. With Jack Laskey, Anton Lesser. 3 episodes on 2 discs.

Killing Eve: Season Four (2022)

MI5 desk jockey Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), who longed for a field agent’s life, became convinced that a string of notorious international assassinations was the work of a woman, and was determined to prove it. Turns out she was right…and to her great peril, the perpetrator–sociopathic Russian operative Oksana Astankova, b/k/a “Villanelle” (Jodie Comer)–was reciprocating her fascination. Acclaimed BBC America take on the Luke Jennings thrillers co-stars Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia, Owen McDonnell. 8 episodes on 2 discs.

Rough Cut (1980)

Business and pleasure mix for jewel thieves Jack Rhodes (Burt Reynolds) and Gillian Bromley (Lesley-Anne Down) in this comedic crime caper. Sparks fly between the pair and they plan a daring diamond heist in London, despite the fact that Jack is aware that Gillian is setting him up for a soon-to-be-retired Scotland Yard inspector (David Niven). But who’s really working with who? Timothy West, Patrick Magee co-star.

Batwoman: The Third and Final Season (2021)

With neither Batman nor Bruce Wayne having surfaced for three years, the Dark Knight’s cousin–outspoken (and out) heiress Kate Kane (Ruby Rose)–combined her military training and his array of gadgetry to assume his role as Gotham’s masked defender. Acclaimed addition to the CW’s Arrowverse also stars Rachel Skarsten, Camrus Johnson, Megan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Dougray Scott, and, beginning in the second season, Javicia Leslie as new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder. 13 episodes on 3 discs.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (2021)

Service aboard a Federation starship–at least, as seen through the jaded view of the rank and file–gets entertainingly explored in this animated, semi-comic, and singular Paramount+ “Star Trek” spinoff developed by “Rick and Morty” mainstay Mike McMahan. Ensigns Beckett Mariner (voiced by Tawny Newsome), Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid), D’Vana Tendi (Noël Wells), and Sam Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) tried to keep their gaffes cloaked from the senior officers of the U.S.S. Cerritos; Dawnn Lewis, Jerry O’Connell also provided voices. 10 episodes on 2 discs.

Raging Bull (Criterion Collection)(1980)

An Oscar-winning performance by Robert De Niro and poetic direction by Martin Scorsese highlight this riveting drama based on the life of middleweight boxing champion Jake La Motta. The superbly staged fight scenes are wonderfully complemented by a compelling portrayal of a man as furious outside the ring as he is inside. Joe Pesci co-stars as La Motta’s brother, and Cathy Moriarty his young second wife. With Frank Vincent, Nicholas Colasanto.

Summertime (Criterion Collection)(1955)

Director David Lean’s adaptation of Arthur Laurents’ play “The Time of the Cuckoo” stars Katharine Hepburn as Jane Hudson, a never-married, middle-aged American woman on vacation in Venice, Italy. She becomes unexpectedly drawn to handsome and charming local man Renato (Rossano Brazzi), but their love affair may be over before it even starts as Jane learns that Renato is married. Classic romantic drama also stars Darren McGavin, Isa Miranda.

Terror Circus (1974)

In the Nevada desert, a maniac with mother issues–not to mention a radioactive mutant father locked in an outbuilding–harvests a horrifying crop of human victims he forces to behave like circus beasts. Can three beautiful showgirls escape from this madhouse and still make it to Vegas? Andrew Prine, Manuela Thiess, Sherry Alberoni, Gyl Roland star in this unusual early effort from director Alan Rudolph. AKA: “The Barn of the Naked Dead,” “Nightmare Circus.”

Montana Story (2021)

Set against the stunning mountains of Big Sky Country, two estranged siblings (Haley Lu Richardson, Owen Teague) return to the sprawling ranch they once called home to confront their family’s traumatic past. From the acclaimed Writer/Directors Scott McGhee and David Siegel comes a neo-Western with and emotional tremor hiding beneath it.

The Frisco Kid (1979)

Gene Wilder is Avram Belinski, an 1850s Polish rabbi, sent to lead a congregation in San Francisco, who arrives in Philadelphia but misses the boat to California. The naive Belinski must deal with robbers, Indians, and other obstacles before outlaw Tommy Lillard (Harrison Ford) joins him on his cross-country trek, in this hilarious frontier comedy. With Ramon Bieri, Penny Peyser; directed by Robert Aldrich.

Black Site (2022)

CIA Officers including Agent Abby Trent (Michelle Monaghan) based in a top-secret military black site must fight for their lives in a cat-and-mouse game against Hatchet (Jason Clarke), a brilliant and ruthless detainee who escapes and retaliates by eliminating them one-by-one. Jai Courtney co-stars.

Wolf Hound (2022)

Brought down over occupied France, Capt. David Holden (James Maslow) thought he had his hands full just trying to reach friendly ground. That lasted until he stumbled upon a German unit refitting a downed B-17 Flying Fortress to deliver a devastating payload over an Allied target–and he knew he had to liberate the captured crew and upend the Nazis’ scheme. Impressive military saga also stars Trevor Donovan, John Turk, Michael Wayne Foster, John Wells.

Hotel Portofino (2022)

In the Italian Riviera of the 1920s, British industrial heiress Bella Ainsworth (Natascha McElhone) renovated and opened a posh hotel targeted at servicing her countrymen. She’d find all the challenges she could handle between the intrigues of her demanding clientele, a roving-eyed spouse (Mark Umbers), and the stirrings of the nation’s fascist movement. Opulent drama also stars Anna Chancellor, Lucy Akhurst, Olivia Morris, Oliver Dench, Claude Scott-Mitchell, Daniele Pecci, Assad Zaman, Lorenzo Richelmy. 6 episodes on 2 discs.

Conviction: The Case of Stephen Lawrence (2021)

In 1993, Black Plumstead teen Stephen Lawrence was murdered waiting for a bus…and 13 years later, after a botched investigation and public outrage that forced its reopening, his parents Doreen and Neville (Sharlene Whyte, Hugh Quarshie) had their doubts they’d see justice. The cold case review headed by DCI Clive Driscoll (Steve Coogan) would finally result in the killers being held to account, as effectively dramatized here; Jonjo O’Neill, Jay Simpson, Sian Brooke, Graeme Hawley co-star. AKA: “Stephen.”

Huda’s Salon (2021)

Young Palestinian housewife Reem (Maisa Abd Elhadi) thought it would be an ordinary afternoon’s visit to the Bethlehem beauty parlor run by Huda (Manal Awad). She’d learn to her stunned peril that the embittered hairdresser is an informant for Israeli intelligence–and that she herself was now amongst the compromised clientele blackmailed into becoming eyes and ears. Hany Abu-Assad’s disquieting thriller co-stars Ali Suliman, Jalal Masarwa, Samer Bisharat.

The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021)

In rural 1840s Long Island, just-blinded Puritan farm girl Mary (Stefanie Scott) faced prosecution for witchcraft. The trial revealed that she enjoyed a closeness with family maid Eleanor (Isabelle Fuhrman) that her parents and community were less than comfortable with…and their bid for escape with the assistance of a scarred stranger (Rory Culkin) would be followed by reprisal and stunning retribution. Atmospheric chiller also stars Carolyn McCormick, Michael Laurence, Judith Roberts.

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