The Latest New Releases Include “No Time to Die” and “The Many Saints of Newark”

Happy holidays! Here is a rundown of all the new releases that you’ll want to be watching once the presents are unwrapped and the fruitcake is eaten. In fact, there’s so many great titles now available that we’re certain there won’t be any humbugging in your house. Take a look!

No Time to Die

The 25th (official) outing for cinema’s most beloved secret agent follows James Bond (Daniel Craig) as he’s called out of a five-year retirement in order to track down a missing scientist. Not only will he have to face revenge-driven terrorist Lyutsifer Safin (Rami Malek), Bond will also be forced to work with Nomi (Lashana Lynch), the agent given the 007 designation in his absence. With Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, and Christoph Waltz as Blofeld.

The Many Saints of Newark

In the North Jersey suburbs of the ’70s, a teenaged Tony Soprano (Michael Gandolfini) was juggling high school football with the lure of family “enterprise” represented by charismatic uncle Dickie Moltisanti (Allesandro Nivola). When a decade’s tensions between Newark’s Italian and Black mobs finally erupt, the choice might be taken out of his hands. Much-anticipated “Sopranos” prequel film co-scripted by series creator David Chase co-stars Jon Bernthal, Vera Farmiga, Leslie Odom, Jr. Corey Stoll.

No Way to Treat a Lady (1968)

Delightfully macabre crime thriller concerning mother-fixated serial killer Christopher Gill (Rod Steiger), who possesses a flair for the theatrical, using disguises to win over and isolate his victims. Gill may, however, come to regret his decision to bait workaday New York cop Morris Brummell (George Segal) assigned to the case. Terrific take on the William Goldman book co-stars Lee Remick, Eileen Heckart, Michael Dunn, Murray Hamilton.

Sparrows (1926)

In a forsaken Southern bayou, teenager Molly (Mary Pickford) was the oldest of the abandoned youngsters “cared for” by the tyrannical degenerate Grimes (Gustave von Seyffertitz), who’d sell them off as slave labor. When Grimes harbors a kidnapped infant, and then looks to dispose of her as the cops close in, Molly risks all for her salvation. Lushly photographed, marvelously constructed silent drama also stars Roy Stewart, Charlotte Mineau.

Small Engine Repair (2020)

Manchester mechanic Frank Romanoski (John Pollono) coaxed his lifelong bros–swaggering Swaino (Jon Bernthal) and reticent Packie (Shea Whigham)–out to his shop for a wee-hours hang. When the macho reverie gets interrupted with the arrival of a preppie college kid (Spencer House) looking to deal, Frank’s cloudy agenda for the get-together snaps into stunning focus. Writer-director Pollono’s adaptation of his play also stars Ciara Bravo, Jordana Spiro, Josh Helman.

Lady in a Cage (1964)

On a sweltering holiday weekend, a power failure leaves wealthy widow Cornelia Hilyard (Olivia de Havilland) trapped in her large estate’s cage-like elevator. While struggling to cope with the stifling heat and her increasing claustrophobia, Cornelia’s problems become much worse when a group of sadistic vandals invades her home. Nail-biting thriller co-stars James Caan (in his first film role), Jennifer Billingsley, Ann Sothern, Jeff Corey.

The Space Between (2021)

Back in ’90s L.A., record label mailroom kid Charlie Porter (Jackson White) was given his one shot at advancement–by going to the home of ’60s rock god-turned-eccentric albatross Micky Adams (Kelsey Grammer) and needling him into getting out of his ruinous contract. The meet-up will lead to life lessons for one and breakthrough inspiration for the other in this engaging dramedy. Julia Goldani Telles, William Fichtner, Andy Daly, Paris Jackson also star.

Engaging Father Christmas (2017)

In this sequel to “Finding Father Christmas,” Miranda (Erin Krakow), one year after learning the late biological father she never knew was a famed actor, is happy to be spending Christmas with a bunch of relatives she’s only now getting to know. Attempts to keep her paternity a secret are jeopardized by mysterious messages that threaten to reveal the truth and bring scandal to her newfound family. Holiday-themed Hallmark Movies & Mysteries drama also stars Niall Matter, Wendie Malick, Michael Kopsa.

Trog (1970)

TROG! Missing link between man and beast! TROG! Found living in a cave by renowned anthropologist Dr. Brockton (Joan Crawford in her final film role)! TROG! Caught and caged, he escapes to wreak havoc on the English countryside! TROG! Ain’t no stoppin’ him now! TROG! Mark this flick in your horror film blog! With Michael Gough, Bernard Kay, and Joe Cornelius as Trog.

Hell Hath No Fury (2021)

In WWII-era France, accused collaborationist Marie DuJardin (Nina Bergman) was on the cusp of being tarred and feathered when she was rescued by an outfit of American GIs. The Yanks’ motives weren’t exactly pure, though, as they expected her to lead them to a cache of Nazi gold. With the Germans and the Resistance in pursuit as well, she’d take the fateful opportunity to play all sides against the middle. Riveting actioner co-stars Daniel Bernhardt, Louis Mandylor, Timothy V. Murphy.

Every Last One of Them (2021)

The trail of his missing daughter brought ex-black ops contractor Jake Hunter (Paul Sloan) to a dusty California town harboring its share of secrets. The local honcho (Jake Weber) doesn’t like strangers asking questions…but his unfortunate goons will learn that this determined and deadly visitor won’t be easily sent on his way. Intense actioner co-stars Taryn Manning, Nick Vallelonga, Michael Madsen, and Richard Dreyfuss.

Fortress (2021)

After U.S. intelligence officers pack it in, there’s the perk of a top-secret getaway resort–and that where Robert (Bruce Willis) headed to put in some quality time with his son Paul (Jesse Metcalfe). Unfortunately, there’d be an event that wasn’t posted on the activities board–as vengeful criminal Balzary (Chad Michael Murray) and his henchmen stormed the compound, looking to help them both toward check-out. Slam-bang stunner co-stars Kelly Greyson, Natalie Burn, and Shannen Doherty.

My Christmas Dream (2016)

Department store manager Christina (Danica McKellar) was bucking to run the chain’s upcoming location in Paris, and decided that a Christmas window display like no other would land her the job. Turning to Kurt (David Haydn-Jones)–the artistically inclined but insubordinate handyman she’d just canned–their work together found him making good on her plans…and leaving her with difficult choices between career and love. Holiday romance also stars Deidre Hall, Christine Lee.

Final Justice (1985)

Joe Don Baker of “Walking Tall” fame plays Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III, a deputy sheriff in a small Texas town charged with returning Mafia hit man Joseph Palermo (Venantino Venantini) to Italy for trial. Palermo escapes after the plane is forced to make an emergency landing in Malta, and now Geronimo must risk it all to bring his prisoner to justice. Rossano Brazzi, Patrizia Pellegrino, Bill McKinney co-star.

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