“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” Director Jason Reitman Guests on “The Movies That Made Me”

The biggest movie in the world right now is Ghostbusters: Afterlife, co-writer and director Jason Reitman‘s long-gestating sequel (and quasi-reboot) to Ghostbusters. Although he’s previously made a name for himself with his films Juno and Young Adult, this is a personal passion project for Reitman as his father Ivan directed the first two Ghostbusters films (and he himself cameoed in the sequel).

Without getting into spoiler territory, much of the discussion about Ghostbusters: Afterlife is how the film is much more of a drama, with some truly heart-wrenching moments, than its comedic predecessors. Realizing this, hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante made tonal shifts the focus of Jason Reitman’s appearance on the new episode of The Movies That Made Me.

You can hear Reitman discussing some of his favorite cinematic zigzags above, and you can find a complete overview of all of the titles mentioned in this installment at Movies Unlimited’s website. The episode is a provocative examination of legacy and fandom and the intersection between the two, and we think you’ll love hearing Jason Reitman’s insights. Who ya gonna call for the ultimate movie podcast? The Movies That Made Me, of course!