Dana Gould and Bobcat Goldthwait Appear On “The Movies That Made Me”

In the documentary Joy Ride, comedians Dana Gould and Bobcat Goldthwait embark on a tour playing dates across the country and discussing how their friendship has grown and changed over the years. What sounds like a pretty cut-and-dry doc when read as words on the screen is actually a meaningful exploration of life, relationships, the pain that goes into stand up comedy, and the grind of showbiz. It also works as a great cinematic road trip, one that the laugh masters of the past might have appreciated.

Gould and Goldthwait have had fascinating careers, and this documentary is an opportunity to get inside their heads to see how they tick. Corresponding with the film’s October 29th release, the pair stopped by The Movies That Made Me to discuss this work along with some of their personal favorite films. (You can hear the episode, hosted by Josh Olson and Joe Dante, above).

The installment features an assortment of must-see movies mentioned, and you can get an overview of these titles that are available via Movies Unlimited’s website. We heartily recommend that you get in the passenger’s seat for Joy Ride and catch up with two comedy icons who are endlessly entertaining.