Create-A-Caption: The Exorcist

Since its initial release in 1973, The Exorcist has repeatedly been called the scariest film ever made. Whether or not you agree with that assessment remains a matter of personal opinion, but one thing is certain — the film is a deeply unsettling affair. It is the sort of film that really gets under one’s skin, and the stuff of nightmares aplenty.

Director William Friedkin‘s modern horror classic stars Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil, a young D.C. girl possessed by Satanic forces, Ellen Burstyn as her terrified mother Chris, and Max Von Sydow and Jason Miller as the priests who must confront the powers of Hell–and their own inner demons–to save Regan. Scripted by William Peter Blatty, who adapted his best-selling novel.

As part of our ongoing Halloween celebrations, we have taken a still from the film and given it a funny caption. We encourage you to do the same in the comments!

“When is my dermatologist appointment again?”
(This post originally ran last year and is being reprinted in honor of our month-long celebration of horror films).