Create-A-Caption: Howard the Duck

It’s been 35 years since Howard the Duck waddled into movie theaters and what a strange journey it has been for Marvel Comics‘ weird waterfowl. Based on the cult comic book created by the late, great Steve Gerber, the movie asked that most timeless of questions: Can a 3-foot-tall, talking duck from a parallel world find happiness in Cleveland with a feisty female rocker and defeat an extradimensional demon bent on destroying the planet? Executive produced by George Lucas and with a fun cast that included Lea Thompson and Tim Robbins, the movie became one of the biggest box office flops of all time.

Then something unexpected happen. Thanks to VHS rentals and cable TV airings, audiences began to discover that the film was actually a really fun — if completely goofy and strange — comedy adventure. Its reputation began to shift from disaster to cult gem — a move that has continued to grow in recent years, most notably Howard’s cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy and a well received comic book revival. With a new 4K Ultra HD release of the film, an upcoming appearance in Marvel’s What If… TV series and rumblings of a new feature happening, Howard’s time has finally come. So to celebrate the anniversary of Howard the Duck, we’ve made the movie the focus of this week’s Create-A-Caption. We’ve taken a still from the film below and added our own comedic caption. See if you can quack us up by doing the same in the comments below!

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck’s spin-off perfume was a real foul seller.