Michael Sarnoski and Vanessa Block Guest on the Latest “The Movies That Made Me”

Easily the summer’s most fascinating motion picture release, Pig stars Nicolas Cage as a nomadic truffle hunter who seeks revenge against the individuals who have kidnapped his porcine pal. But really, the film is about SO MUCH MORE than that. To say anything else here would be to reveal the onion-like layers that writer/director Michael Sarnoski has infused into the soul of this most captivating release.

On the latest episode of The Movies That Made Me, Sarnoski and producer Vanessa Block discuss Pig, as well as the varied films that influenced their work with hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante. As you can expect, what follows is an absorbing listen that covers everything from movie-making anecdotes to touching upon the human condition at large.

The Movies That Made Me

You can listen to this new special episode above, and be sure to head to Movies Unlimited’s website for a complete overview of all the titles mentioned within. You could say it’s a podcast that really brings home the bacon entertainment wise. Sorry. Anyway, give it a listen as the show is essential for fans of cinema!