Create-A-Caption: Donnie Darko

Arguably the biggest cult classic in recent memory, Donnie Darko stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a gifted but troubled ’80s high school student whose adolescent horrors take on new dimensions, as he starts to see “shifts in time” and is visited by a fanged, six-foot rabbit. Among the characters Donnie comes into contact with while struggling with his demons are a sympathetic classmate (Jena Malone), a hippie English teacher (Drew Barrymore), and an annoying self-help guru (Patrick Swayze). Since the movie is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary, we are focusing on it for this week’s Create-A-Caption. We’ve taken a still from the film and given it a comedic caption, do the same in the comments below!

The Bugs Bunny reboot was a bit too gritty for the tastes of mainstream audiences.