From Doctor Who to Carole Lombard, This Week’s Releases Have It All

Doctor Who

Bark bark! You hear that? Yes friends, the dog days of summer are once again upon us. So take refuge from the heat and humidity with another assortment of Blu-ray and DVD new releases that will transport you everywhere from classic Hollywood to the farthest reaches of outer space. Here’s a rundown of what titles are now available!

Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Three (1976)

The 14th season of the show was the third for the popular Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker). The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) find themselves in 15th-century Italy, where they must prevent a living energy source from using an underground cult to conquer the Earth while dealing with a planned palace coup, in “The Masque of Mandragora.” When Sarah Jane (in her last regular appearance) comes into possession of a mysterious fossilized hand–which soon comes into possession of her–the Doctor will have to free her from the control of an alien criminal genius, in “The Hand of Fear.” Then, while on the Time Lords’ home planet of Gallifrey, the Doctor is arrested and charged with killing the president. Can he prove his innocence and catch “The Deadly Assassin”? In “The Face of Evil,” the Doctor gets to correct a past mistake and gains a new companion, the warrior woman Leela (Louise Jameson), when he saves a primitive tribe of humans from a mad computer. Trapped aboard a massive mining vehicle on a desert world, the Doctor and Leela are accused of murder and uncover the plans for a rebellion of mechanized workers, in “The Robots of Death.” Finally, in “The Talons of Weng-Chiang,” the Doctor and Leela are in Victorian London, where they discover that a sinister magician is serving as the front for a murderous time-traveler. 26 episodes on 8 discs.

Carole Lombard Collection I

This three-disc set of Carole Lombard favorites includes Fast and Loose (1930), Man of the World (1931), and No Man of Her Own (1932).

The Flintstones: 2 Movies & 5 Specials

Two-disc set includes The Man Called Flintstone (1966), The Flintstones: Little Big League (1978), The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone (1979), The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (1987), I Yabba-Dabba Doo! (1993), Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby (1994), and The Flintstones And WWE: Stone Age Smackdown! (2015).

His Dark Materials: The Complete First Season (2019)

Expansive take on the Philip Pullman fantasy novels from BBC and HBO stars Dafne Keen as Lyra Belaqua, the college-raised orphan from a mystical parallel-world Britain whose investigation into strange child disappearances leads her to the shrouded truth about her parentage…and into amazing adventures that span multiple universes. Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Clarke Peters, Anne-Marie Duff, Ruta Gedmintas, and Amir Wilson also star. All eight episodes from the first season are featured in this two-disc set.

Coma (2019)

After a devastating accident, a young architect (Rinal Mukhametov) awakens to a reality that seems, at first subtly, off. As he stunningly discovers that he’s in a collective unconscious for all comatose individuals–where the laws of physics shift on a whim–can he adapt to his uncanny circumstances and discover a path back to the waking world? Visually striking fantasy opus from Russia co-stars Lyubov Aksyonova, Anton Pampushnyy, Milos Bikovic.

Love Under the Rainbow (2019)

If there’s one thing career-minded teacher Lucy (Jodie Sweetin) and widower Jack (David Haydn-Jones) have in common, it’s that they’ve both decided to avoid any romantic entanglements. But that may be about to change thanks to Sophie (Dakota Guppy), Jack’s daughter and Lucy’s new student, who just might bring these two lonely souls together. Charming Hallmark Channel original also stars Donna Christie, Garry Chalk, Emily Delahunty.

The Good Doctor: Season Three (2019)

Having achieved a medical degree through his extraordinary recall and observational skills, young autistic savant Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) embarked upon his surgical residency at a major San Jose Hospital. His dealings with supporters and skeptics amongst colleagues and administration, as well as grateful patients, fuel this popular ABC doctor drama based on a South Korean series. Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas, Beau Garrett, Tamlyn Tomita, Hill Harper, and Richard Schiff also star. All 20 episodes from the third season are included in this five-disc set.

The Resistance Fighter (2019)

From the time of the Nazi invasion of Poland to the Warsaw uprising, German-born Pole Jan Nowak-Jeziorański (Philippe Tlokinski) was one of the Home Army’s most valuable assets, valiantly transporting intel between the resistance’s front lines and the government in exile in London. The adventures of a real-life hero formed the basis for this gripping WWII thriller; Julie Engelbrecht, Bradley James, Nico Rogner, Patricia Volny also star. AKA: “Kurier,” “The Messenger.”

Dispatches from Elsewhere: Season 1 (2020)

On the streets of Philadelphia, four souls looking for more from their lives–data pusher Peter (Jason Segel), empty nester Janice (Sally Field), brilliant conspiracy hound Fredwynn (Andre Benjamin), and museum docent Simone (Eve Lindley)–might just find it as they’re drawn into a surreal scavenger hunt orchestrated by the shadowy Jejune Institute and CEO Octavio Coleman (Richard E. Grant). Challenging AMC offering, created by Segel, was based on the 2013 documentary “The Institute.” 10 episodes on three discs.

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (Criterion Collection)(1975)

Volker Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta co-wrote and co-directed this highly praised (and highly politicized) adaptation of the Heinrich Böll novel. Cologne housekeeper Katharina Blum (Angela Winkler) has a one-night stand with a man (Jürgen Prochnow) who turns out to be a suspected terrorist under government surveillance, making her a target of relentless media and police harassment. Mario Adorf, Dieter Laser co-star.

Swallow (2019)

While working-class illustrator Hunter Conrad (Haley Bennett) ostensibly married well, the stress of existence with an inattentive husband (Austin Stowell) and controlling in-laws (Elizabeth Marvel, David Rasche) began manifesting in a compulsion to consume inedible objects. When the family learns of her pregnancy–and her disorder–the ensuing battle of wills leads her to confront dark aspects of her past, as well as difficult choices. Intense effort co-stars Laith Nakli, Denis O’Hare.

Toto the Hero (1991)

Reality and fantasy blend in this acclaimed, darkly comedic study of an elderly man (Michel Bouquet) who obsessively believes he was switched at birth with his well-off neighbor, radically altering his life for the worse. As he daydreams schemes of vengeance for the deed, he recounts the key events of the existence that so disappointed him. Jaco Van Dormael’s debut feature also stars Mireille Perrier, Jo De Backer, Gisela Uhlen.

Paddington Bear: The Complete Series

Britain’s beloved bruin got the Hanna-Barbera animated treatment in this syndicated “Funtastic World” series, as the stranded Peruvian cub (voiced by Charlie Adler) was brought home from the train station by the Brown family (and visiting American cousin David). Misadventures around London, and run-ins with nasty neighbor Mr. Curry (Tim Curry), abounded; Georgia Brown, Hamilton Camp, John Standing, B.J. Ward also provided voices. 13 episodes on 2 discs.

NCIS: Los Angeles: The Eleventh Season (2019)

Action-packed “NCIS” spinoff follows the members of the elite L.A.-based Office of Special Projects as they use any and all means necessary to take down criminals who threaten national security. Legendary undercover operative G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) heads up a team that also includes ex-Navy SEAL Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), psychologist Nate “Doc” Getz (Peter Cambor), forensic investigator Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), and tech expert Eric Beal (Barrett Foa). Linda Hunt also stars. 22 episodes on five discs.

Tony Curtis Collection

Three-disc set includes The Perfect Furlough (1958), The Great Impostor (1961), and 40 Pounds of Trouble (1963).

Audie Murphy Collection

Three-disc set includes The Duel at Silver Creek (1952), Ride a Crooked Trail (1958), and No Name on the Bullet (1959).

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