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Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner, the legendary writer, actor and director (and father of Rob Reiner), has died at the age of 98. Beginning his television career in 1950 on Sid Caesar‘s Your Show of Shows and working continuously until his death on Monday, Reiner helped shape the course of comedy — influencing countless others in the process over his seven decades in the industry. Whether collaborating with Mel Brooks on The 2000 Year Old Man, creating and co-starring in The Dick Van Dyke Show, or directing features ranging from Oh God! and The Jerk, Reiner brought an unmatched wit to whatever project he was working on.

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As the above interview illustrates, Reiner was as kind and soft-spoken as we was hilarious, and a talent whose impact — cliche though it may sound — truly is immeasurable. Below is a fantastic interview in which Reiner and Brooks discuss their decades-spanning friendship and professional relationship.

His loss is immeasurable, but we feel such gratitude for the gifts of entertainment that he gave us all.

We want to take this opportunity to step back and hear your insights on Carl Reiner. From what your memories of his work are to your favorite of his projects, have your say on his incredible life below!