Create-A-Caption: Dick Tracy

It’s been 30 since Dick Tracy roared into theaters! Director/star Warren Beatty is Chester Gould‘s comic-strip detective, fighting an array of grotesque villains in order to free the city from crime boss “Big Boy” Caprice’s (Al Pacino) grip. Madonna co-stars as singer Breathless Mahoney, who may or may not be Tracy’s ally. Fantastic sets and make-up and jazzy Stephen Sondheim songs help bring the funny-page favorite to colorful life.

We are celebrating the colorful comic book caper’s milestone anniversary with this week’s Create-A-Caption. We’ve taken a still from the film and given it a comedic caption. Do some silly sleuthing and create your own in the comments!

Dick Tracy

“I need to get to the store before their mustard yellow jacket sale ends!