Check Out These Must-Have Movies from KL Studio Classics!

With October nearly at the midway point, we hope you’ve had some time to settle back with a horror film or two. If not, please allow us to take a moment to recommend a hat trick of cult classics from KL Studio Classics that have just been released and will be perfect additions to your seasonal viewing. From comedy to tragedy, these are horror-themed hits that are not to be missed!

The Monster (Il Mostro)

Struggling con artist Loris (Roberto Benigni, who co-wrote and directed) thought his luck was taking an uptick when the beautiful Jessica (Nicoletta Braschi) responded to his ad for a roommate. He’d think again if he knew that she was an undercover cop…and that she mistakenly believed that he was the rapist and serial killer who has been terrorizing the area. Wacky comedy that became Italy’s top box-office draw of its day also stars Michel Blanc, Jean-Claude Brialy.

Baby Blood

When a bizarre and ancient life force from the center of the Earth enters a woman’s womb, she is turned into a seductive murderess in order to feed the bloodthirsty creature growing inside her. But if she gives birth to the kill-crazy baby, it could spell big trouble for mankind. Effective French-made shocker stars Emmanuelle Escourrou, Jean-François Gallotte, François Frappier, Christian Sinniger. AKA: “The Evil Within.”

Nightmare Beach

A helmeted biker embarks on a gruesome killing spree during spring break in Miami, in this Italian-made slasher flick. Could it be that the executed motorcycle gang leader who swore to innocence and promised he’d return from the grave has done just that, or is this maniacal murderer more of the Earthly variety? “Sun and surf” shocker stars John Saxon, Michael Parks, Nicholas De Toth, Sarah Buxton, Lance LeGault. AKA: “Welcome to Spring Break.”

All of the above titles are now available!