Who Is Your Favorite Muppet and Why?

“Who said that every wish would be heard and answered, when wished on the morning star. Somebody thought of that, and someone believed it. And look what it’s done so far…”

Who doesn’t love The Muppets? Jim Henson‘s creations are so much more than just felt and fur. They are living, breathing creations whose every utterance is packed with warmth, humor and love. Since Henson’s passing in 1990, the Muppets have gone in and out of vogue. Following a successful 2011 relaunch film starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams, an underrated sequel, Muppets Most Wanted, and a short-lived ABC TV series followed. But once again The Muppets are dormant, waiting to introduce the Rainbow Connection to another generation. While we wait for their next project, we want to hear who your favorite Muppet is and the reasons why. And don’t panic if you can’t just limit it to one.

Okay lovers and dreamers, have your say below!