What’s Your Favorite Film Directed by Larry Cohen?

Best known for directing horror and cult films, the great Larry Cohen has died at the age of 77. A hugely influential genre veteran due to his work on projects like It’s Alive, Q: The Winged Serpent, The Stuff, and Wicked Stepmother (Bette Davis‘ last film), Cohen infused elements of humor and social commentary in his work — endearing himself to audiences and his Hollywood peers in the process. Despite often working with low budgets, he made the most of each film he worked on, resulting in movies that are as crammed with visual invention as they are big ideas.

Cohen also was a gifted producer and screenwriter, who wrote for shows ranging from The Fugitive to Columbo to NYPD Blue during his over 50-year career. Yet his genre films are what he will be best remembered for, so for this week’s post we want you to tell us which movie directed by Larry Cohen was your favorite. Share your memories of Cohen and his filmography in the comments!

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