Create-A-Caption: The Warriors

It’s been 40 years since Walter Hill‘s hugely influential action film The Warriors first hit theaters. The film follows the exploits of the titular Coney island-based  gang falsely accused of killing the messianic leader of a city-wide peace summit to unite the warring factions. As they make their way through 28 miles of “enemy territory” with 100,000 rival gang members hot on their trail, they encounter a variety of unforgettable opponents (remember The Baseball Furies?)  on a quest to arrive home safe and sound. Upon its theatrical release on February 9, 1979, the movie became an immediate lightning rod for controversy after several gang-related incidents occurred in theaters in which it was playing. Despite the real-life violence surrounding the film, it became a commercial success, ultimately making over $22,000,000. Due to its highly stylized nature, the film is rightfully now considered a pop culture masterpiece — and regularly referenced in television, films, and video games. (It also spawned its own videogame back in 2005).

To celebrate The Warriors‘ 40th, we’ve taken a still from the film and added our own comedic comment below. We ask you to do the same in the comments. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? CAN YOU DIG IT?

The only thing that the Warriors wanted more than to get home was to find a T-shirt shop that was open.